I am fascinated by the dynamics of divorcing couples and how that plays out during the ending of their marriage.  To listen to both of them describe why they were divorcing, you would think they were married to different people and not to each other.  In general, taking responsibility is very challenging and takes a fair amount of self-awareness to do.  Going through a  divorce tends to exacerbate the circumstances and creates an environment akin to “He said..She said”.  However there is an option that encourages divorcing couple to take responsibility through self-determination.  The Collaborative process creates a win-win situation for all involved – the couple, their kids and even their attorneys.  By agreeing to keep the matter out of court, the spouses are assisted by their attorneys and neutral professionals depending on the case to determine the best possible outcome for themselves and their children if they are minors.  I have attached a very straight forward article which briefly explains Collaborative Divorce.  Its not a matter of you being a little bit wrong and her being a little bit right.  There’s no need to walk out as there is things left to say.  If you have it talked out, things will be OK.
This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!
Please call my office to find out more about how to divorce with dignity and understanding that its usually “a little bit me and a little bit you”.
In-Joy the theme appropriate song and lyrics accompaniment!
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