Two different instances happened within 24 hrs this week that reinforced the positive influence we have as attorneys. In one case, a client of mine was having her deposition taken in which she was terrified to the point of being physically ill and not herself. After the deposition she expressed her concern about the outcome of the case and its potential effect on her. I told her that no matter what happens, this case will not affect you – You will be OK – You are already OK. She started to cry and thanked me for the reassurance. The next day I was mediating a case where the couple were equally in despair about how the outcome of the case would affect them. The wife was truly beside herself and after resolving the case favorably for both of them, she asked me if she would be OK? I told her that she is and will always be provided for. She wept with a smile and said Gold bless you.
In both cases, my role was truly of counselor which really had less to do with the law and was more about be open and receptive to someone else’s plight. As attorneys and all of us as human beings can make an impact in other’s lives if we take off our outside masks and come from a place of compassion. When people feel like their lives are in a state of confusion, surrounded by illusion, we can help them sort it out so they can make out. Not only can help be on its way, we can make sure it is already there by just being present with them.
This process works, this process is for you, this is the Collaborative Way! Please call my office to find out more about how to resolve conflict with dignity
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