As 2011 winds down and we approach another new year, many of my potential clients are doing as I do and contemplate their future.  With them, some of their soul searching is focused on whether or not to continue in their marriage.  Towards the end of the year, new divorce cases slow down as people want to focus on the holidays and getting through it with the least amount of stress instead of deciding to move ahead to ending their marriage.  The same reasoning holds true for why January is very active as these same folks, maybe with New Years resolutions, are now ready to start to move in a different direction which includes divorcing their spouse.  Attached is another tremendous article in the Huffington Post which explains how the Collaborative Divorce is so useful and helpful in transitioning into a “Year of Firsts”.   The Collaborative process helps so many couples understand how to embark on their new life as single and co-parenting if children is involved.    Using the Collaborative process instead of slugging it out in court, you can see the mist is lifting slowly as you can see the way ahead.  And although you’ve left behind the empty streets that once inspired your life, you are now ready to move on knowing your new journey is out there somewhere waiting for you.
Please call my office to find out more about how to divorce with dignity and understanding knowing you do not have to look somewhere out there any longer.
This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!
In-Joy the theme appropriate song and lyrics accompaniment!
Click here to read A Year of Firsts by Sarah Couper
Click here and enjoy I Know You’re Out There Somewhere

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