Postnuptial Agreements: Weighing the Benefits

Is Legal Separation Right for You?

If someone asked you what the benefit of a prenuptial agreement is, you likely would have some kind of answer or at least, a general understanding of why people sign prenuptial agreements. But postnuptials are less often used and are seen as a bit more controversial to many.  But there are benefits to postnuptial agreements, […]

Prenuptial Agreements: What You Need to Know

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Many of us think we are familiar with what a prenuptial agreement is and what it does. But there are many misconceptions out there about prenuptial agreements. Here are some things that you may not know—and that you really should know—when it comes to prenuptial agreements. You are Not Getting Divorced Some people feel that […]

Asset Protection: Strategies for Divorce

Why Do Couples Sign Postnuptial Agreements?

One thing that many people, understandably, worry about when they are getting ready to go through a divorce is protecting their assets. While not all assets are divided or split in a divorce, some certainly may be, and that leads people to wonder what strategies they can use pre-divorce, to protect as many assets as […]

<strong>Why Do Couples Sign Postnuptial Agreements?</strong>

Why Do Couples Sign Postnuptial Agreements?

You have probably heard of, or you are aware of, a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that details what will happen to certain property named in the agreement, in the event of a divorce. It may also account for things other than property, such as alimony or attorneys fees. What About After […]

<strong>How to Divide Assets Fairly Through a Divorce Attorney</strong>

How to Divide Assets Fairly Through a Divorce Attorney

There is a common misconception that in a divorce, you will lose half of everything you own to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. People even joke that your spouse will take half, or everything you own will just be divided in two. But this is not exactly how the division of property works in Florida. What Property […]