I’m sure all of us are familiar with the cliché about checking our ego at the door.  It means before we enter a place of truth or going within to leave anything unlike who we really are behind so as not to interfere with that introspection.
What sometimes happens is that we also leave our feelings at the door as well.  In going introspective, this can be vulnerable and quite scary.  Part of us wants go deeper and may not understand the power of allowing our feelings to speak its truth…the voice of who we really are.  In traveling down that road, its easy to be very heady about it and leave our feelings at the door.

This happens so frequently with those going through and healing from a divorce.  It may not have been safe to know our feelings much less trust and feel them.  Because of these experiences, going within is not natural and exploring our feelings even more challenging. This is a time to look at who you are and where you are in your life.  It is an opportunity to write a new chapter in your book instead of reliving a sequel that didn’t work the first time around.

I invite you to take the next step in moving on from your divorce. All it takes is a willingness to check in on your feelings and not check them at the door.  Just being willing to be willing is a huge first step.  When you open the door to the next stage of your life, your feelings can come with you and show you the way to have the life you desire and the love you deserve.  What you can leave at the door is a way of thinking that no longer serves you…don’t worry…there is no use for these thoughts anymore.
Now go out and live the life you were meant to live!  !n-joy my friends!  Namaste
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When you believe it, you can weave it.
You shall conceive it, you will achieve it!

You are Perfect…You are Powerful…YOU are on Purpose!!! 
Now go out and live the life you dream of, desire and deserve!
Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You 

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