As we enter the next season of Spring and its Equinox, many changes take place.  Flowers bloom, winter weather is behind us and we anticipate warmer weather.  Another change that happens is Daylight Savings Time which takes place this week when we set our clocks one hour ahead.  This means the sun rises a little bit later in the morning but we also get another hour of daylight at the end of the day.  The exact opposite occurs in the Fall when we turn our clocks back.  Although Spring is a time for changes in our life, many of which will move us ahead, it is also a time to look back and see what we can release that doesn’t serve us.  If you are going through or have been through divorce, navigating through change can be challenging if not outright daunting.  But it can be an exhilarating time if we can take steps to purge ourselves of that which is holding is back from our magnificent self.
Many of us use springtime for cleaning, getting rid of clutter and those belongings we no longer use.  Doesn’t it feel good to toss out stuff that’s been accumulating in our space?  There is a light feeling when we have more space in our lives, isn’t there? We can also do the same for feelings, thoughts, relationships that no longer provides us joy and fulfillment.  What thoughts have you been carrying around that affirm an illusion of lack and limitation?  Now is a perfect time to replace these thoughts with prosperity and abundance.  We all have so much to be thankful for in our lives when we put our attention there.  So when these thoughts try to make their way into your consciousness, remember all the people and experiences you have in your life that make you feel blessed.
What feelings do you have other than pure joy and bliss?  Although they appear to be real, these feelings do not reflect your inner Truth and who you really are.  I invite you to visualize what that would look like.  What in your life brings you happiness?  Our truth is love, light and life and everything else is just an illusion we’ve created from the experiences we’ve had.  Our past is not fact…just experiences we’ve had along the way.
Now is also the time to detach from toxic relationships that drain us and zap us of energy to live our life more fulfilling and meaningful.  There are many ways we hold on to these types of relationships – friends, family, love.  We don’t need to know the reason why only that if these do not support us and are not joyful, they are holding us back from the rich experiences we were meant to have.  This type of releasing can be the most challenging but also the most rewarding.  By letting go of the relationships that do not support you, you are also creating the space to let of the thoughts and feelings that go along.  You are allowing this void to be filled with people, thoughts and feelings that do serve your Highest Good and provide you the foundation to live the live you desire.  Sometimes in order to spring ahead, we have to fall back and regroup.  When we release that which clutters our lives, we are now ready to embrace a new season…a new life that awaits us.  This is a perfect time to clean our emotional house especially if your divorce is or has been holding you back.  Are you ready to Spring ahead?
!n-Joy my friends…Namaste

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