I was reminded by a commercial many years ago (which will of course date me from the 60’s  LOL!).  There was singer Ella Fitzgerald with a high pitch voice near a wine glass.  The commercial showed the glass shattering.  Next was a view of a cassette tape player (hopefully I am not the only one who grew up with one!) which was playing the sound of the opera singers voice which shattered the wineglass.  The message was that the glass couldn’t tell that it was a recording of the high pitched voice and neither could you while listening to it.
How many times in our life do situations come up that we question? Is this really happening in my current experience or is it a recording of my past? Sometimes it appears so real it’s hard to tell the difference.  So what can we do to differentiate what is our reality and what is just a replay from the past? What works for me is to check in on how I’m feeling.  If I’m feeling good about what’s happening, this is a validation that this is my reality now. If what’s happening is not making me feel good, it’s probably a trigger from something that happened before showing up now to be healed.
If you’ve realized this to be a Memorex recording of the past, one that feels so real that it must be the truth, take a step back for a moment as there is an opportunity to resolve something incomplete. Acknowledge that this is a message from your past appearing now to be healed so it doesn’t have to keep showing up.  Allow yourself to go within and experience what this recording of your past is trying to tell you.  Is there something you need to learn from this to help you in a current situation? Was there no closure on something in your past that you can validate, accept for what it was and now be ready, willing and able to release it?  Do you need to feel the feeling from this past situation so that you can move on?
Many people challenged in moving ahead from their divorce time and time again are confronted by message from the past.  It is sometimes difficult to know the difference between their truth and something from their past that makes them question who they really are.  By understanding this dynamic when questing whether something is real or a message from their past can go a long way in doing the work with themselves to get their life on track and not feel stuck from the loss of their marriage.  Moving ahead is just a thought away and it depends on how you choose to live.
Our past is useful not to dwell on but to understand and celebrate as it contributed to who you are today.  We constantly get reminders of our previous life experiences and get the choice on how we allow them to shape our present and future.  By accepting what happened before and acknowledging their purpose if they appear again is the healing lesson we can have as we continue on this path called life. When life asks you is it live or is it Memorex, take the time to answer the question.  What you will find will make a difference for the rest of your journey.
Watch the Memorex commercial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG8K0yl4_hc
Remember, you are Perfect, You are Powerful, YOU are on Purpose…Now go and live the life you were meant to live.
!n-joy!  Namaste

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