In my years of practice, I have had many clients who begin the divorce process looking at what is not working and how they can avoid the worst possible outcome.  This mindset developed many years before and continued through their marriage.  In resolving their divorce, this way of thinking is not very useful in achieving a mutually beneficial result for all.  In working with those who may believe their cup is half full, exploring where these beliefs came from is important but ultimately empowering them to feel that they have choices in any circumstance is the key.  Knowing that choices are available during the divorce process creates a sense of strength that helps the couple understand that they are the ultimate decision makers in resolving the end of their marriage.
Choosing Collaborative Divorce is the best solution for those who not only want to decide the issues that need to be resolved but to do it civilly, peacefully, with dignity and without the anger, emotion and fear of the unknown that goes along with traditional divorce litigation ultimately decided by the Court.  Attached is a good article explaining the Collaborative Process of Divorce.  Resolving divorce collaboratively gives the couple an opportunity to move on with their life in a positive way and not having to live in never-never land again.
If you are interested in never saying never again, you are open to the world of possibilities with Collaborative Divorce. Please call my office to find out more about how to divorce with dignity and understanding with a process that makes it easy to believe in forever knowing it can be that way.
This process works, this process is for you, this is Collaborative Divorce!
In-Joy the theme appropriate song and lyrics accompaniment!
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