How many times have we gone on vacation or somewhere away, have an amazing time only to return home wishing we were back?  I don’t know about you but it has happened to me countless times.  Why does this phenomenon occur in our lives and what does it mean? When we are in a different place, there’s something about being away from our environment that shifts us.  New and different stimuli catches our attention…we have a different routine…we may be away from people and things that create stress in our lives…we feel different.  Our essence embraces this because it brings us happiness and joy.  We are more relaxed and we attract more of what and who we are because of this shift. There is exhilaration in our being and of course, what happens?  We want more of that.  At some point, we return home from our trip and we feel a letdown.  There is sadness and anxiety because we go back to the way our life was before we left which was not giving us the joy and happiness we felt while we were away.
Going through divorce or trying to move on afterwards can you leave feeling the same way. You decide to get away from it all hoping things would be different and while you’re away it may seem like it does.  Then when we get back, we are disheartened, disillusioned and even more stressed than when we left.  We had hoped a change in scenery would right our ship and upon returning it feels like it’s sinking even more.  Confucius said ““No matter where you go – there you are” and it is so true.  We have this belief that going somewhere else or changing our environment will cure all the ills in our life.  Now there is something to be said for having a fresh start and sometimes in a different locale.  But the fact of the matter is no matter where we go, we are still who we are.  Nothing changes about our essence and what our truth is.  What can change however is how we see our life. Sometimes a change in scenery gives us an opportunity to focus on our truth…what we long for.  If we are not happy in our life, this is a symptom of not tapping into our Inner Truth…that place within us that knows and sees our ultimate perfection….that we are whole and complete exactly as we are.  When we find ourselves in another place and take in the newness or the change of where we were, we allow our heart to open to the possibilities in our life.  We focus on that which brings us joy and not on what does not.  By doing so, our heart expands even more to allow more of that which is who we are.  This seems to change when we leave this different location and return home.
So how can we sustain this euphoria?  By tapping into the same place that was activated while we were away…our Inner Truth.  Remember what brought you such bliss when you were away whatever that might be…the beauty of nature…the excitement of a new routine…the support of new friends…the realization of a new awareness.  All of this is stays with you when you are home or away.  When you have experienced that which fills you up is a reinforcement of what you already possess inside you.  You can tap into these feelings..this awareness of yourself anytime…anyplace.  Wherever you go, there you are…There is no place you are not.  What is exciting about this is you can have the experiences you had while you were away at home just by shifting into that place within you that was activated by being away.  No matter how you are living life right now, you can make the choice to be in that place that feels good.  Just remember the times that brought you great happiness…remember how that felt.  That is who you are…that is what you are all about…waiting for you to experience over and over and over again.  Go ahead and try it!
!n-joy my friends!  Namaste

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