As I sit outside overlooking the ocean in our new surroundings, I realize how change is an amazing opportunity about how we both look at and see life.  Moving to a new area means getting used to new and different rituals and routines.  It can be exciting and frightening as we navigate through the process.
I noticed my anxiety level rising as I felt the changes going through my body.  My initial reaction was to go to the fear and it became overwhelming.  When I became aware of where I was going, I took a walk on the beach and noticed there was an excavation. At first I groaned as it took away from its beauty and didn’t look so nice. I realized though the work was to bring more sand to the beach that eroded over time.  So although it didn’t look great now, it was part of a change that would ultimately benefit the beach for everyone to !njoy.
Life is very much this way when it comes to change.  It is always for the good of all including ourselves if we can understand and accept that it may not always look or feel good in the beginning.  I came back from my walk with a refreshed look at change knowing its ultimate result.  I was given an amazing opportunity to embrace change of a new area looking for the good in its essence.
Going through and moving on from divorce is very similar when it comes to change. It can bring up many different feelings which can be challenging to deal with.  Having experienced divorce personally there were many changes that were both debilitating and transformational.
I invite you to embrace these changes and accept this as part of your divorce journey. When you allow change on your journey, you take another step to “divorce your divorce” and move on to heal your pain to have the life you desire and ultimately the love you deserve.
!n-joy my friends!  Namaste

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