Asset Protection: Strategies for Divorce

Why Do Couples Sign Postnuptial Agreements?

One thing that many people, understandably, worry about when they are getting ready to go through a divorce is protecting their assets. While not all assets are divided or split in a divorce, some certainly may be, and that leads people to wonder what strategies they can use pre-divorce, to protect as many assets as […]

 How Does the Court Determine Child Custody?

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If you are getting divorced and there are children of the marriage, you may worry that you will lose custody of your children. Both parents, understandably, often want to keep and foster a meaningful relationship with the children after the divorce is finalized and may worry about how they will prove to a court that […]

<strong>How to Manage the Stress of a Divorce </strong>

How to Manage the Stress of a Divorce 

If you are going through a divorce or considering a divorce, you may understandably be experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety. That is normal and natural. But there are things you can do to manage that stress and make the divorce process as easy on yourself emotionally and mentally as possible. Have a Plan, […]

<strong>Why Do Couples Sign Postnuptial Agreements?</strong>

Why Do Couples Sign Postnuptial Agreements?

You have probably heard of, or you are aware of, a prenuptial agreement. A prenuptial agreement is an agreement that details what will happen to certain property named in the agreement, in the event of a divorce. It may also account for things other than property, such as alimony or attorneys fees. What About After […]

<strong>How to Divide Assets Fairly Through a Divorce Attorney</strong>

How to Divide Assets Fairly Through a Divorce Attorney

There is a common misconception that in a divorce, you will lose half of everything you own to your soon-to-be ex-spouse. People even joke that your spouse will take half, or everything you own will just be divided in two. But this is not exactly how the division of property works in Florida. What Property […]

<strong>What is the Difference Between Alimony and Child Support?</strong>

What is the Difference Between Alimony and Child Support?

When couples are getting ready to divorce, their mind often turns to financial concerns—specifically, how much they will have to pay to the other spouse or how much they can expect to receive from the other spouse. They often just lump what they might have to pay, or what they are paying, into one giant […]

<strong>Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Florida</strong>

Parental Rights and Responsibilities in Florida

When people get divorced, they often worry that they will no longer have any parental rights if a custody battle does not turn out their way. They fear that if the other spouse ends up with the majority of timesharing, they will be left out in the cold, unable to raise their own child or […]

<strong>Can I Change My Mind After Signing Divorce Papers? </strong>

Can I Change My Mind After Signing Divorce Papers? 

It is generally understood that it is better to settle your divorce case than take it to trial. When you settle your case, either on your own or through the process of mediation, you are taking matters into your own hands. Through negotiation or mediation, you can decide what you and your (soon-to-be-ex) spouse will […]

Is Legal Separation Right for You?

Is Legal Separation Right for You?

A legal separation is when a couple separates their lives while still remaining married. This can be an advantageous option for couples who are unsure about whether they want to get divorced or not. There are several benefits of a legal separation, including:  You remain legally married, which means you are still able to receive […]

What is Child Custody and How Does it Work?

What is Child Custody and How Does it Work?

In Florida, child custody refers to the legal right of a parent to take physical care of their children. This custody can be termed parental responsibility or time-sharing. Custody arrangements can be made through a court declaration or agreement, but often parents will work out an arrangement themselves. If the parents cannot agree on custody, […]