“The Universe is a stage on which your mind dances with your body, guided by your heart.”
As we enter into the month of Love, how is your relationship?  As we examine the quality of our intimacy, we may be asking the question “What is love”?  Is it an emotion, is it a feeling?  Or is it something greater?  Coming from a place of love, we are born with this ever expanding all powerful juggernaut inside of us.  It’s not learned nor is it developed, but part of our DNA makeup.  It’s already inside of us awaiting our experiencing it for ourselves.  When we reflect on the many gifts from singer Whitney Houston, we are reminded of how she so eloquently expressed this as the “Greatest Love of All”.
As we grew up, in many ways it became harder and harder to fully express our unconditional love.  We allowed outside circumstances to affect us inside.  Sometimes we craved for love from someone else and lost our way instead of knowing it’s always inside of us awaiting its unconditional expression.
As we define love and how it shows up in our relationships with others, it’s great to express our love for someone else.  But are we doing the same for ourselves? How do we feel if we’re not in a relationship…if we don’t get a card for Valentine’s Day?  Do you remember making and giving Valentine’s Day cards as kids?  Remember how excited you were getting one from someone else or how upset you were if you didn’t.  A great exercise in teaching self-love at a young age would be to have children send Valentine’s Day cards to themselves.  This is a way to let them experience the feeling of loving who they are exactly the way they are.  The “Greatest Love of All” talks about our children and how we must start very young “showing them all the beauty they possess inside”.
Love may be explained as an emotion, a feeling we express; but in the bigger picture, love is a state of being.  When someone talks about being in love, it’s usually describing another person.  But actually we are always in love…with ourselves, with how we live our life.  Being able to express love to someone else begins by learning to love yourself unconditionally.  When you do, it cannot be taken away.  If you are having trouble loving yourself, it doesn’t mean it’s not there…you just haven’t been able to tap into that place of unlimited unconditional love.
How can we do that?  How can we go to the place we were before or maybe never for some? Close your eyes and think of that laughing baby who is feeling total unabandoned love.  That baby in you wants to express its unconditional, unlimited love of yourself, of life, of everything and everyone.  Feel  that feeling, whatever that feels like…that’s the place to come from always in all ways.
When we realize that we are the love in our life, we begin the path on our journey to being in a loving, healthy relationship.  Loving yourself is not only the way we allow ourselves the joy of loving another – it’s a state of being that starts and ends your life and everything love in between.  That’s the place of the Greatest Love of All.
!n-Joy my friends!…Namaste
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